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The Hot Blonde

Blonde Ale

The Hot Blonde Ale tastes just like its namesake: Refreshing and light, and is perfect for a hot day out but the water, but unlike your last two wives, this one more than easy on the eyes. With a complex balance of maltiness and bitterness, this golden beauty is one Sacramento girl you won't have to hide from your friends.

Hopreation Blood Orange

Blood Orange IPA

There is a place. A cold, unforgiving place with bright lights and little green men who have plucked us from our trees. They come with their knives, their probes, and their saws. They strap us down and extract our blood. They take every last drop. Some say its to create something gourmet; something greater than who we are. A delicious beverage for the world to enjoy. We are a sacrifice to a more divine power. We are the ones who give them the blood of the orange.


Extra Pale Ale

Carmichael, founded in 1909 was home to many ranches, orchards and farms, which still exist today. It's rustic charm still following through the community. This beer pays homage to those easy settlers with its tasty good hop feel and sweet grain back. Smooth, crispy with a slight hop bitterness.

Cap City

India Pale Ale

Since the gold rush, Sacramento has been a gateway to the glorious beauty of northern California. Our Cap City IPA is a tribute and personifies the beauty and splendor of a true West Coast style Indian Pale Ale. One taste and you will experience the wonderful aromas and flavors.

Haze on the River

Northen East Style IPA

On an early spring morning along the American River, the fog lays thick. As you peer through the Haze you'll find a brewery has at work creating the finest things in life. The smell of warm wort and fragrant hops grabs your senses and guides you through the Haze. With just one sip, pure satisfaction sets in. Every little care slips away and life is so good as you follow the Have on the RIver.

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